Inspiring healthier communities by making nutritious choices simple.

Since 2006, Guiding Stars has supported retailers by helping their shoppers easily find foods with good, better, and best nutrition in the supermarket. Guiding Stars uses objective, evidence-based nutrition science to indicate which products meet the standard for good, better, and best nutrition.

Manufacturers, retailers, food service, and wellness programs also use Guiding Stars' product database and patented algorithm to help set healthy sales targets, reformulate products, fuel recommendation engines, and power healthy behavior rewards programs.

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How Guiding Stars Works

Why Guiding Stars?

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Guiding Stars is trusted by industry leaders in food and beverage manufacturing, food retailers, researchers, health insurers, and public health organizations. Guiding Stars’ patented algorithm was developed and is kept current by an independent panel of leading nutrition science experts. This evidence-based approach offers transparency to consumers and helps to create brand-positive perceptions around supporting healthy communities. Guiding Stars can be your partner to inspire better health and nutritious choices.

For Businesses

Guiding Stars data can be used to meet a variety of business goals including:
• Development of healthy behavior rewards programs 
• Recommendation engines for ecommerce
• Improve product displays and merchandising to meet healthy sales commitments
• Reformulate products and recipes to improve nutrient density
For Public Health Organizations & Researchers
Food policy influencers, researchers, and dietitians benefit from Guiding Stars data as well. Guiding Stars’ positive, evidence-based approach to nutrition guidance and proven efficacy can help support food policy change and establish a common trusted standard for when a product is nutritious. Researchers use Guiding Stars as an objective, evidence-based standard when studying consumer behaviors.

We’re changing our look! 

Over the coming months, you will start to notice Guiding Stars looking a little different. You’ll see a new logo that symbolizes health & nutrition and a new set of icons with “good,” “better,” or “best” labels on shelf, on pack and online. Guiding Stars is still simplifying shopping for nutritious foods, now with a fresh new design!

Discover how Guiding Stars can help you or your business.

For Shoppers

Consumers use Guiding Stars to find nutritious choices while shopping in stores or online through “good,” “better,” and “best” nutrition guidance icons. 
Shoppers, home cooks and foodies alike can also get inspired by Guiding Stars earning recipes and learn helpful cooking and nutrition tips from the Guiding Stars blog. Guiding Stars can be found in supermarkets across North America.

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We analyze the nutritional quality of foods using patented, transparent algorithms developed by nutrition and public health experts.

We identify which foods have met our evidence-based standards for “good,” “better,” and “best” nutritional quality with our 0–3 star icons.

Our clients use our data to make shopping easier for their customers, to report sales of nutritious foods, to recommend products, and to reward and study healthy behaviors.

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